10 tips to have a successful yard sale

Hosting a yard sale is a fantastic time to declutter while simultaneously making some cash! Win-win!!
1. Display everything you’re selling into meaningful groups/ categories-just like they do in stores.
2. Whenever possible, cover tables with sheets, towels, tablecloths, or runners. It adds a bit of class to your garage sale. Remember, it’s all about that first impression!
3. Put a price tag on every single thing you put out to sell — no matter how small. You’ll make more money at your sale, plus pricing every individual item also helps to avoid the slew of questions all day: “How much is this?”
4. Use plastic zip-top baggies to hold small parts & pieces that go with specific items.
5. Have a plugged-in extension cord handy, so buyers can see that the items do work.
6. Don’t put anything directly on the ground. Whatever you’re selling will instantly drop in value. Use a tarp if items must be placed on the ground.
7. Hang clothes on hangers (always). Don’t fold them (ever). People will pay more for clothes that are on hangers than for clothes that are on sheets, in boxes, or on tables.
8. When using boxes to group similar items together for your display, don’t cram too many items inside each box. It’s best to have fewer items inside more boxes, than to have more items in fewer boxes.
9. Bundle items whenever possible. If you have lots of the same (or similar) items, ask a higher price for one of them and a really good price for several of them.
10. To Sell everything: Post a sign advising that all merchandise will be half-price after 2 p.m. Alternately, stock up on grocery sacks and announce a “dollar a bag” special for the last hour of the sale. Buyers pay a dollar or two for each full bag — and you avoid the need to trek the unsold items to a charity site. Whatever you do, don’t let the survivors back in the house!
Have fun!!

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