10 tips to have a successful yard sale

Hosting a yard sale is a fantastic time to declutter while simultaneously making some cash! Win-win!! 1. Display everything you’re selling into meaningful groups/ categories-just like they do in stores. 2. Whenever possible, cover tables with sheets, towels, tablecloths, or runners. It adds a bit of class to your garage sale. Remember, it’s all about …

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Too Much!

How to Combat Clutter Let’s face it, we own more than enough. Too much!  We have an over-abundance of items threatening to zap our energy and destroy our peace.  Sounds like an enemy needing to be dealt with! Here’s how to stand against it and will the battle!  Resist and reject incoming clutter.  Don’t let …

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Finding Cash!

If I had a “favorite organizing story,” this would be it!… Upon entering the client’s home for the first time and receiving the grand tour, the front closet was identified as the greatest need and highest priority.  So we dug in!! The entire contents of the closet was emptied and quickly sorted into labeled boxes (“Dontate”, …

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Can clutter cause stress?

Stressed and Overwhelmed? Clutter is ranked as one of the top stress triggers. By Amanda Bernal Chaos and clutter has been ranked in the top of stress triggers. Messy or cluttered spaces make us feel anxious and overwhelmed however, it is seldom recognized as an actual source of stress.  Clutter can have these negative effects on …

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