Master Closet

Clothing was sorted and hung according to kind, style and color. The hangers used in the space are all matching and equally spaced. The finished space evoked a feeling of peacefulness in the homeowner.

Pantry Closet

As with most our projects, we began by emptying the space, purging then decanting (containing food stuff in canisters). We prefer to use clear containers whenever possible in pantries.


We emptied all the countertops into our sorting bins and began classifying like items together. The entire kitchen was part of the organizing process. All drawers cabinets and cupboards were sorted through and re-purposed for maximum efficiency.

Bedroom Closet

This closet needed a bit of a refreshening so the current, in-season clothing could be located quickly. The surplus was extracted and the off-season was relocated to another closet. Bins were added on the top shelf to contain extra accessories and a purse organizer now hangs between the pants and shirts to keep the floor clear.


Many toiletries for each member of the household covered every surface in this bathroom. Our job was to restore the space to it would be more functional and less cluttered. We brought in our sorting bins to: 1) gather all items and empty the surfaces, drawers and cabinets and 2) separate each item into similar broad categories. We used one shelf in the linen closet for medications, first-aid items and back-stock while the remaining items were placed in cupboards and drawers.

Dining Room

As a result of a remodle in another part of the house, this dining room became a "catch all." Thankfully it was only temporary. As with most organizing projects the sentiment "it gets worse before it gets better" is true and it was certainly true here. Every items was a decision. Piles were created. Donations were boxed and several things were placed into the garage but most was returned to the appropriate room in the house (AFTER each of those zones were purged and set in order.) Pictured here: the dining room was reclaimed!

Craft Closet

This was such a fun project and the crafty homeowner was so happy to be able to find her frequently used items and say "goodbye" to the things she knew she'd never really use again.

Kids Closet

Empty. Sort. Purge. Replace. Kid closet organized.

Storage Room

This storage room had become a dumping ground for a large family during a busy season of life but as things slowed down for them, they were ready to reclaim this great storage space. We worked with the homeowners to place each item where it belonged in the home and the items that belonged in this space were set in order.

Pantry with deep shelves

We made this pantry closet space work more efficiently. We purged, but also modified the shelves to create customized space allowing the homeowners to see what they have and avoiding food spoilage.

Deep Pantry Organized

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