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Kids and Organizing

Have you been taught by your parents to hang on to every little thing because you may need it someday? If you have begun accumulating more and more and more to the point of chaos, and now have children learning that this kind of living is normal, you may be thinking it’s time for a …

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Home Staging

Sure, an immaculate, well located home such as this one could easily sell without any staging effects whatsoever, but if only a few simple, softening touches attract more prospective buyers, why not put in a little effort to do so? This wise seller did! I  worked with Operation Organization from Dallas, TX on this home …

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Paper Control

Seemingly without exception, the homes I enter have paper piles. Even in our ever-advancing electronic world, we still seem to be inundated with incoming paper (invitations, junk mail, tax documents, bills, magazines, receipts, school paperwork, coupons, newspapers and the list goes on.) Many times, fear  that “I may need it someday” keeps us from letting …

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10 tips to have a successful yard sale

Hosting a yard sale is a fantastic time to declutter while simultaneously making some cash! Win-win!! 1. Display everything you’re selling into meaningful groups/ categories-just like they do in stores. 2. Whenever possible, cover tables with sheets, towels, tablecloths, or runners. It adds a bit of class to your garage sale. Remember, it’s all about …

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