Can clutter cause stress?

Stressed and Overwhelmed?

Clutter is ranked as one of the top stress triggers. 

By Amanda Bernal

Chaos and clutter has been ranked in the top of stress triggers. Messy or cluttered spaces make us feel anxious and overwhelmed however, it is seldom recognized as an actual source of stress.  Clutter can have these negative effects on us mentally and emotionally:

  • Clutter causes distractions

  • Saps creativity

  • Creates feelings of confusion, anxiety, hopelessness and frustration

  • Clutter causes loss of belongings

  • Prevents us from having people over

Be encouraged! Clutter is the easiest stressor in our lives to remedy! 

Here’s some quick tips to get you on the fast track to freedom to enjoy the benefits of an organized home, and an orderly life. Here’s your options on getting control of your space. 

  1. Go it alone. “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” and get organizing.
  2. Ask a friend or family member for help. Work with your spouse, kids, a parent or a friend to organize your space for free.
  3. Hire a professional organizer. Bring in a professional, for clutter elimination, space planning and aesthetic organization.  
Consider the pros and cons to each option and resolve to reclaim your life by initiating change in your environment through organization.  You will quickly see the value in simplifying! 
Benefits of an organized life:
  • Creates feeling of peace
  • Improves our efficiency 
  • Promotes our ability to live abundantly
  • Renews our creativity, and energy
  • Allows us to freely welcome guests into our home

Yes, clutter can indeed cause stress and anxiety. You may, in fact be able to personally testify how many negative implications the disorderly life can truly have. The good news is there is always hope to change course!  

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Happy Organizing!

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