Most frequent questions and answers

Positive results can usually be seen within 4-6 hours but the time it takes to achieve your organizing goals depends upon square footage, how much you own, if purging is possible and how quickly you make decisions.  

We always try to use what you already own first.  Purchasing specific items is not necessary but we can recommend helpful items.  We can shop for you and bring organizing solutions to incorporate in your space.

An initial phone assessment (free) or an in-home consultation is scheduled to gather information about your project.  Challenges and goals are discussed and a verbal plan is formed. During our first organizing session, we begin in one room and systematically work through making decisions about each item.  We commonly use this approach: Empty, sort, purge, replace and label. The project is complete or the allotted time expires and a next visit is scheduled, if necessary.  The area is tidied and donations, empty boxes and trash are loaded for haul-off.

Our rates are competitive; we encourage you to shop around. A four hour organizing session with two professional organizers is $400.

Haul-off services is $75 for 150 cubic feet.

A 2-bay garage is approx. $800

A kitchen/pantry is approx. $650

A closet is approx. $300

We’ve worked with a vast array of individuals, families, non-profits and businesses.

We’ve served homeschooling families, public school organizations, community leaders, hoarders, single parents, perfectionists and elderly clients. 

Know the organizer’s style and approach to organizing. An organizer may have a “coaching style”, offering instruction and supervision but not actually doing the work along side you. Ask if the professional organizer you are considering for hire “digs in” with you to empty, sort, purge, classify, arrange and store your items.  You’re looking for someone that has the vision of the end result and a “hands on” approach to get you to the “finish line” quickly. 

Consider your total budget. Organizing is an investment and brining in a professional may require a bit of saving especially if your space requires organizing solutions and supplies.  Example: We organized a garage that needed utility shelving units but we proceeded without them which was not ideal.  The shelving was purchased later and the garage was re-organized, ultimately costing more.