Finding Cash!

If I had a “favorite organizing story,” this would be it!…

Finding Cash while organizing
A client found a stack of cash hidden in an forgotten box while organizing a closet. I just love when that happens

Upon entering the client’s home for the first time and receiving the grand tour, the front closet was identified as the greatest need and highest priority.  So we dug in!! The entire contents of the closet was emptied and quickly sorted into labeled boxes (“Dontate”, “Upstairs”, “Belongs Here,” “Trash”).  About three hours into this project, we open a large plastic bin that was tucked away into the farthest recesses of the closet. As the sorting process continued, something surprising was discovered within a VHS movie.  What was it? Cash! As the VHS case was removed many large crisp bills, stacked one on top of the other were discovered to the tune of $1300! Forgotten about…until the decision was made to clean out the front closet!!
Surprising things inevitably turn up when you begin to declutter, organize and simplify!!

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