Home Staging

Sure, an immaculate, well located home such as this one could easily sell without any staging effects whatsoever, but if only a few simple, softening touches attract more prospective buyers, why not put in a little effort to do so? This wise seller did! I  worked with Operation Organization from Dallas, TX on this home staging project here in SA.  I am so thankful to have been involved in this fun, rewarding project!  I learned so much from Katrina – an expert in all things organizing! This beautiful spacious home will be listed this weekend (April 2018) and I am certain it will not last long! Staging a home prior to listing it dramatically increases the odds of a faster, more profitable sale.  (Thanks to Trader Joe’s for the flowers. They have such fantastic, helpful staff!)
You can easily stage your own home with three main points to remember:
1.) Declutter liberally – Get rid of EVERYTHING that isn’t needed.  If it’s not adding beauty, hide it.
2.) Buy NEW towels
3.) Add Fresh flowers and plants
Happy Staging! Here to help if needed!