Keep Table Clear = Meals Together

Is your dining table a “catch all” surface used as a landing pad for incoming mail, backpacks, school books, unpacked grocery bags, laundry, and a myriad of other random items?  With a large family, trust me, I can relate!
As a professional organizer, I have the privilege of going into many homes to help others tidy up and bring order! One common trouble spot seems to consistently be the kitchen table. So, I felt it was a worthy topic for this post.  Any horizontal surface is a “hot spot” for clutter but the kitchen or dining room table are even more prone to collecting a hodgepodge of stuff simply because of their location! Think about it. The table is, in most homes, close to the laundry room, the kitchen and the front door!
I was invited into the home of a creative, young single mom who I’ll call Ann.  The scope of the project was to help bring order to the art supplies which seemed to be taking over the entire house.  As I was given the tour of the space, I noticed the kitchen table was hiding under a large pile of laundry among other many other things.  As we gained momentum, and reached that section of the home, Ann was motivated to “find the kitchen table.”  After our work was completed for the day, her table was cleared and Ann was inspired! She proudly proclaimed, “I’m going to make a special dinner tonight! My kids will be so excited!”  Ann texted me the following day to share that her children were most assuredly excited to have a meal together at the kitchen table! She shared that normally they made themselves sandwiches and ate in their rooms. The simple act of “finding the kitchen table” as Ann put it, made a powerful impact on her and her children!
Do you need to “find” your table?  May Ann’s story be an encouraging motivator for you to clear that critical space in your home and commit to keep it clear. Share family meals together.
When was that last time you ate a meal together around the table with your family?  Can’t remember?  Well, how about start fresh and let it be today!
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