NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) is the industry standard in organizing.
I had the privilege of making a road trip to Austin with some colleagues last night, to attend this meeting.  What a great experience! There were about thirty of us all together. It was interesting to hear the various areas of specialized services each organizer brought to the table. Some organizers collaborated with psychiatrists to serve clients with hoarding issues, OCD and Mental health disorders. Others specialized in digital organization, memorabilia/photo organization or garages. I also met an organizer who specifically serves the medical industry, working in hospitals.
We shared a meal, and  had great conversation! Much information was shared by experienced “veterans,” a wealth of knowledge and wit!  I learned several new motivating techniques to try out on my chronically disorganized clients who shall remain unnamed. 😉
The evening was incredibly enjoyable and educational! I am blessed!  My goal is to network closer to home by setting up a monthly “Organizer’s Coffee” in San Antonio!!

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