Too Much!

How to Combat Clutter

Let’s face it, we own more than enough. Too much!  We have an over-abundance of items threatening to zap our energy and destroy our peace.  Sounds like an enemy needing to be dealt with! Here’s how to stand against it and will the battle! 

  1. Resist and reject incoming clutter.  Don’t let in! Refuse to allow catalogs and junk-mail into your home. Recycle bags, don’t collect them.
  2. Reduce existing items. Purge! Devote time to make a decision about each item.  For clothing and household items: keep only what you love and what adds value to your life.  For papers: keep only what you must for taxes, memorabilia and reference; it’s much less than you think you need!
  3. Request help.  Sometimes you just need motivating encouragement and someone to keep you on track and it is certainly alright to ask!
  4. Reward yourself. Treat yourself to a clutter-free indulgence for taking a step in the right direction to become free from owning too much stuff!

Reject the lies that speak defeat saying that it’s impossible or that you’re worthless. Stand on truth that you are a conqueror! Stand resolute; filled with confidence and hope!  Guard your mind with right thinking!
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